Feb. 15th, 2013

tehta: (stained glass tree)
Thank you all for yesterday's advice! I have followed it all! That is, I have posted my new story everywhere: I suppose it's an experiment. I suspect I will eventually get lazy about multi-posting.

As to why I have a new story: it's because I participated in the 2013 My Slashy Valentine challenge. Which was really fun to do (the cycle of despair aside), because my plot-bunnies started breeding like crazy. And, of course, as a participant I got a gift fic: The Black Sword, by elfscribe, a Mablung/Beleg story that features some of my favourite things, such as competent, stoic Elves; epic poetry; and the doom and gloom that is First-Age canon. I am very pleased with my gift, and people should totally read and review it.

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