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So, today I visited the ruined castle of Durnstein with a (non-fandom, actually all-around-luddite) friend.

I don't know how many people know this, but Durnstein is where Richard Lionheart was imprisoned for a while. And there is an (improbable*) legend saying that he was released from obscure captivity only after he was found by his minstrel Blondel, who happened to be outside the castle singing a popular song when a familiar, royal voice picked up the tune. A further version of the legend suggests that Blondel had been actively searching for him, visiting various likely castles and playing his favourite songs under each.

The thing is, the castle of Durnstein stands 150m above its town, up a rather steep road -- and there are no helpful Eagles in sight. So my friend, who dislikes hiking, and (as mentioned) is barely aware of the internet, told me,

"You know, I have a theory. Blondel obviously had a HUGE crush on Richard."

...so there you go, Fingon/Maedhros shippers. Your ship follows a slash trope that is blatantly obvious even to innocents.

* Improbable, because EVERYONE knew where Richard was, anyway; they were just slow to pay his ransom. Allegedly, he even wrote a rather passive-agressive song about how his friends were letting him rot there. So now I am surprised never to have encountered such a song in Maedhros fics...
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