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I continue to be a failure at finishing my WIPs, but I knocked out a drabble:

“But why did she marry that oaf?”

“Oh, Celegorm,” said Curufin. “Aredhel was hardly the first to try the Sinda-in-the-woods thing.”

“The what?”

“You know... the thing where you wander the woods, meet a comely Dark Elf, and get seduced into going native...” Curufin grinned craftily. “For a while.”

“This is something people do? People I know?”

“Yes! Finrod, of course... Then Amrod... And Orodreth -- where did you think he got little Rodnor?”

“From that Sindarin woman who followed him just to make a scene.”

“So she did! That must be why Maedhros left HIS kid with the mother.”

Note: in this context, "knocked out" means "picked at for almost an hour even though it is ridiculous." A hundred words! How can a hundred words capture the full absurdity of any concept?
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