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I have already posted a list of my first lines. And now, final lines! WIPs will be missing from this list, for obvious reasons. Actually, all I am posting here is the last lines of my stories off AO3:

  1. "Rolls right off the tongue,” said Ingwë sarcastically.
  2. "Are you sure you want to leave our musical notation bet for another day?”
  3. Yours, as ever, Findaráto
  4. "What did your scroll call it...'Climbing Telperion'?"
  5. "You know, now that I think about it, I suppose that celebration I foresaw might have been one of Cirdan's..."
  6. Their wedding was a simple affair; and they lived happily, if not ever after, then at least for a while.
  7. He merely glared down in sullen irritation.
  8. It might have ruined the moment.
  9. He rode out of Gondolin astride the fire-drake's spine, an improved version of the Balrog song running through his head.
  10. The artist in me knows that it is a fine story.
  11. “Right,” said Glorfindel happily.
  12. "Ai, Elbereth," said Ecthelion.
  13. Soon, they were off; and the Eagle circled the mountain twice before disappearing into the sky.
  14. For one, I am sure you know that Ereinion was actually rather ashamed of what his name revealed, and changed it at the earliest opportunity.
  15. He simply took Ecthelion's hand and tangled it in the hair at the back of his neck.
  16. He has many pieces to place.
  17. I believe the exit is that way...

This was a bit more interesting for me than the first lines, because I remembered fewer of them. And huh, I seem to like ending fics with dialogue, don't I?
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