Sep. 24th, 2013

tehta: (ecthelion and glorfindel)
The Month of Writing Dangerously over at [ profile] silwritersguild, I mean. I am wishing I had officially signed up because I would have totally "won" (i.e., met my WIP goals) and so I could ask for a "prize", such as an illustration of the "heroic nudity" moments of Many Happy Returns. I guess I might have to draw my own, possibly in the Greek style of the Glorfindel and Ecthelion icon I am using here. (Incidentally, I would totally offer "prizes" to others, but 1. I cannot actually draw and 2. My writing has certain tendencies towards irony and general mockery, which people might not enjoy when directed at their own OCs or headcanon characters.)

Anyway, regarding my "victory": apart from finishing one eight-year-old story, I made some progress on several others. Including an odd Turin-Beleg-Mablung drama which I originally started as a speedw-ritten exercise, but which came to amuse me so much I started to feel that it would be a shame not to polish it. I am not *quite* done with that--the last two chapters are still a bit disorganized--but I have decided to start posting it, chapter-by-chapter, in the hope that this will guilt me into wrapping it up.

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