Sep. 19th, 2013

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Not posting my Amarie story, I mean, since I had finished it weeks ago. So, here you go: Many Happy Returns (The secondary title is due to my beta, [ profile] eveiya). Summary:

The Silmarillion is so full of heartbreaking, wasteful, tragic deaths that it sometimes seems as if the not-tragically-deadly parts of the narrative are there only to give the readers a little breather.

I expect that everyone has a death or two that they find particularly distressing. Amariƫ certainly does. But at least she can do something about it...

(Un)Interesting facts about the story:
1. It was definitely written as a reaction to the tragic, distressing parts of the Silm. And by "reaction" I mean "antidote".
2. It passes the Bechdel test only in VERY incidental ways (in the overheard discussions of minor characters.) However, I cannot imagine anyone claiming that it marginalizes Tolkien's female characters.
3. I stared it in 2005. When I faded out of the fandom, it was half written. I would occasionally poke at it. There are occasional (buried) references to whatever other fic I was writing at the same time. And now it is finished -- I still cannot believe it!
4. I am very, very amused by it myself. It contains some of my favourite characters, doing particularly characteristic things. And the antidote aspect of it really seems to work.

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