Sep. 4th, 2013

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So, Sultry in September is in full swing now. Most people will have read their gift, and the stories most relevant to their interests (and hopefully there was an overlap) and are now poking around at all the other exciting stuff. I have done a fair amount of poking myself, and have the following (slightly contradictory) observations:

- Imagine a chart displaying all the possible (not-sibling-incestuous) Finwian cousin pairings. Now imagine marking all the pairings that have been explored in at least one story. Wow, we sure are making progress on filling in that chart, aren't we? (Or maybe I just think that because I like reading about Finrod. Guy gets around! I think the only cousins I have not seen him with are the twins.)

Someone should draw this chart. Maybe we can work on filling it in some more.

- Very, very few of the stories in this SLASH EXCHANGE are PWPs. Actually, few have very explicit sex scenes, at all: most choose to focus on character exploration, or canon commentary, or world-building, or mood, instead. And, well... I do not hear anyone complaining. Nor do people complain about the amount of het that seems to sneak in (mostly via canon.)

I think this might be a sign that most of the participants are... versatile, and also interested in far more than porn, or even romance. I know I am! The slash is all very well, but some of my best experiences in the exchange come from seeing all these different interpretations and viewpoints of the same legendarium, all right next to each other.

I wonder if it might not be nice to have a gen fic exchange? Or rather one where all pairings are allowed -- or none -- and people ask for aspects of the canon they would like to see explored, instead? I think I would love to participate in something like that. (Back to ME month has a little of that flavour, but without the extra pressure to step out of one's comfort zone.)

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