Mar. 22nd, 2013

Bad news

Mar. 22nd, 2013 11:18 am
tehta: (stained glass tree)
1. I have been crazy-busy recently, both with work and with personal stuff, and so have not had much time to write.
2. I am about to go on a nine-day Easter vacation (to the Philippines!) so who knows what the writing/posting situation will be in my near future. (I do hope I will be able to put together something else for [ profile] b2mem, since my original goal was to do four small things, and I have done three. But all I will have is a small tablet and I don't like typing on it.)
3. I am no longer sure whether second-age Glorfindel is worth writing about. He's just too damn perfect. (Power close to that of a Maya? Really?) I need to figure out his "motivation" -- things he would desire and/or fear enough to drive a story -- and I don't think it can be anything very personal. Thing is, my reborn G seems to view Elven death as an inconvenience, so that's not a real threat. I suppose his smug insouciance could cause conflict with others, in itself, and he could learn to really care about Middle-earth... (Second-age Ecthelion might be better, because my E could create internal drama during a beach vacation. But still -- too damn shiny and perfect.)

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