Mar. 17th, 2013

tehta: (diaper Glorfi)
Glorfindel Day is something I tried to institute in my LJ during my original* stint in fandom, after going hiking in spring. One is supposed to celebrate this when one encounters the first tacky, overabundant field of wildflowers of the year. (Celandines would be best, of course -- see icon -- or something else yellowish, but other colours are fine too.)

Glorfindel Day is celebrated by feeling joyous and a bit smug, sitting up straight, and paying more attention to one's hair than one usually does. Putting bells on things is entirely optional.

Of course, with the latest... changes in the weather** here in Europe, this day may be long delayed. But I have some fanart links to share (even if all you Tumblr types have already seen it), not to mention some blathering.

Fanart! Here is a picture of all the Captains of Gondolin I had never seen before. It's a bit cartoony, but the character designs are nicely varied. I love Maeglin. And Egalmoth. And Tuor... but especially Glorfindel, because of the way the tacky armour is offset by his expression. And then, here is another... thing, which HAS TO BE SEEN. Because Elrond is so right.

Here there be blathering about Glorfindel's return to Middle-earth )

* Behold, I am reborn in fandom! Just like the protagonist of this post!
** A friend recently claimed that all this snow has been forced on us by HBO, as advertising for The Game of Thrones. Because, you know, Winter is COMING, not GOING. Blah.

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