Feb. 17th, 2013

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Still not sure about fanfic archive choices. I got some readership at each one, dammit. But I guess I *will* put some older stuff up at AO3.

The general response to the adventures of Befuddled Slutty Finrod (as [livejournal.com profile] lenine2 called him, amusing me quite a lot) has been overwhelmingly positive. I am a bit surprised, because at one point (here "one point" == "several days") I thought that the story was totally flat, and everyone would dislike it to the point of realizing that my previous stories were just a long-running fluke and I should be despised as a writer, or perhaps pitied. But hey, self-haters gotta self-hate, and I am over this now. For the moment.

In other news: horrible person [livejournal.com profile] eveiya got me reading an original slash fic, Captive Prince. Since it appears to be taking LJ by storm, many of you probably already know it, but in case you do not... I am hooked on it. To be honest, after reading the description (a captured hero becoming a "pleasure slave") I felt doubtful that it would be my cup of tea, since I have this tendency to find many slave-fics more hilarious (and less sexy) than the author had intended, but this description doesn't really do the story justice. It's more of an adventure story in the style of Dorothy Dunnett, with a fun slashy OTP. And I love the writing, as well as the author's own comments on her writing. She has released "commentary" for several chapters (which make it clear that her process is a lot like mine -- in the mechanics at least, not sure about the despair cycle) and occasionally posts more general meta. Like this guest post about maintaining tension, which is a topic I have never thought about explicitly, but is certainly something I try to do, most of the time. (Well, perhaps I do think about it explicitly, but the metaphor I use in my head is not about building/releasing tension, but about setting up punchlines -- or maybe I should generalized that to "pay-off moments", because it isn't always about humour. Effective emotional lines need a set-up too, in this metaphor, at least.)

Anyway, considering this whole idea of narrative tension has made me realize how much I have missed thinking about writing, and discussing it with clever people. And trying out different techniques, although of course I am too slow to draw any quick conclusions from such experiments. So maybe I will be blathering on about this in future posts.

EDIT: If you don't want to have Captive Prince spoiled for you, do not read my comments!

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