Jan. 22nd, 2013

tehta: (stained glass tree)
I suspect most of you are long gone now. However, I am back, at least for a while. Encouraged by an evil f(r)iend, I have rashly signed up for a fanfic exchange. So, I have been plotting, and writing, and second-guessing my writing, and panicking about my lack of talent and my slowness; all the usual steps the readers of my LJ should be familiar with. But also, to keep my spirits up, I have been re-reading both my old stories and this journal. Oh, the good times I used to have here! The art posts, the dodgy humour!

Anyway, how is everyone?

PS. It is a very weird experience, to reread one's own fics "cold", after several years' break. I can see many problems with the writing itself, of course, but I can also see very, very clearly that my recurring claim of "writing the stories I wished to read" was an honest-to-Manwe truth. I am amused.

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